April and Archer began as a love story, as most great stories do.  We met at university and for 12 months remained silently smitten.  Crissa was a freshman, I was a senior, and like planets we would constantly orbit each other at parties and dinners, me always too afraid to ask her on a date.  Despite an obvious attraction and connection between us both, we were parted by age and soon to be parted by an ocean.  I graduated and immediately took off to begin my photography career in Africa while she remained in Texas finishing school.  

Sparing details, for the next six years we were each taken on incredible journies.  I found myself working on award winning documentaries in places like Somalia, Yemen, and Iraq.  Crissa unearthed her incredible talent in marketing and became the Marketing Director for one of the most prestiges tourism companies in the world.  She also became a world traveler and spent half of each year in Paris for work.  On her off time she would find herself washed up on the shores of Greece or in the hills of Tuscany.  I was somewhere in a jungle, she was somewhere around La Place de Bastille, and our compasses pointed anywhere but towards each other.  

However, God parted the sea and I found myself back in Texas in the hot July of 2014.  We were both on a river trip with old friends and instantly gravitated towards each other.  One long float and a full day of conversation later, we were dating and madly in love.  We had an adventurous dating and engagement season, traveling all over the US and spending weeks together in Paris.  We then married on May 7, 2016 and have never been more in love and excited about life.  

Now to April and Archer.  Over time we realized how complimentary our talents were.  We saw that combining my photography skills with her marketing knowledge could result in a fun way to work together and bless others.  Whether it's helping revamp a French patisserie's Instagram account or providing content for a coffee house in Portland, April and Archer will give you the resources and help guide you on how to use them to tell your story well.

Co-creating with the love of your life is the dream.  We hope to meet you soon.


- Ryan and Crissa